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This privacy policy (this “Policy”) describes our data protection practices, including the information we collect, how we use it, who we share it with, your rights, and similar disclosures. This Policy applies to all the information we collect through the Ubionline website and its crypto-based social networking services (the “Ubionline services”).

Please, ensure you read and agree to this Policy (as well as other legal documents that apply to the Ubionline services) before you continue. By using the Ubionline services and submitting personal information, including your wallet address anywhere on the website, you agree to how we handle your personal information. If you do not agree to this Policy, you may not use the Ubionline services.

Who operates the website?

Yubi a G.S Company, LLC (referred to herein as “us,” “we,” or “our”) is the provider of the Ubionline services and is responsible for the collection of the information therein. We are a limited liability company duly incorporated in the United States. Under certain privacy laws, for example, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Lei Geral de Protecao de Dados (LGPD), we are regarded as a “Data Controller,” since we decide how third-party service providers (Data Processors) process your information on our behalf.

If you have any concerns, issues, questions, inquiries, queries, or feedback about how we handle your personal information, please use our contact us form or reach out to us at [email protected].

Information collected and its uses

While we do not require you to create an account to use the Ubionline services, we may still collect both personal and non-personal information in various ways. The information we may collect about you may include:

  • Contact information: If you fill in any forms on the website (for example, the newsletter subscription and “contact us” forms), we will collect the information you submit, which may include your name, email address, phone number, and message. We use this information to provide support services, respond to your requests, and send you updates, news, and information about new features on the Ubionline services.
  • Wallet and profile information: We require that you connect your wallet address to the website. Once you have successfully connected your wallet address to the website, you may be able to provide us with further information such as your photo, likes, interests, and other profile information. We collected this information to provide the Ubionline services, including, without limitation, enabling you to create a profile, make payments or receive your earnings, submit posts, send invites, organize events, and generally socialize.
  • Content information: We will collect the information you share when you submit content on the website. “Content” under this Policy refers to any post you share or comment you make on other posts. We collect this information because it allows us to host your content.

    Please note that you are not statutorily required to provide us with any personal information with respect to the Ubionline services. However, if you do not provide us with personal information, we may be unable to provide some of the Ubionline services and features (for example, we will be unable to process your payments without your wallet address).

  • The information we obtain automatically through cookies and tracking tools: When you access the website or interact with some of our content, we may track you anonymously with the help of a third-party API, Cloudflare Analytics . The provider of this tool embeds cookies, pixels, beacons, and similar tracking technologies, which help it to gather information about traffic, device properties (IP Address and geolocation), and other metrics. We collect this information to monitor the website for violations, protect spam content, secure the website, improve performance, and track DNS queries. We may also gather information about your purchase history and activities on the website for compliance with applicable laws.
  • Your permissions: To provide certain features, including importing your photos, we request permission to access your gallery, file manager, or device media. You can withdraw your permissions at any time by navigating to the permission settings area of your device.

Legal reasons for collecting information

Our legal bases for collecting your information include the following:

  • Consent: The major personal information we process about you is done because you have given us informed consent to do so (for example, where you submit your email address to receive newsletters from us). If consent is not the basis, we rely on the legal bases below.
  • Legitimate interest: We process certain data (for example, where we collect analytics) because it helps to secure the website from attacks, verify users, manage and improve the Ubionline services, and prevent spam and other illegal uses in ways that do not override your rights.
  • Complying with our legal obligations: In certain situations, we are required by the applicable law to collect and retain records for a period (for example, where we collect your transaction history). In this case, we are collecting your data to comply with a legal obligation.
  • Contractual obligation fulfillment: We process some of your data because we are required to fulfill a contract that exists between you and us (for example, we require you to connect your wallet to pay for your fees or receive your earnings).
Cookies and third-party tools

As highlighted under the “information we collect automatically through cookies and tracking tools” subsection above, we and third-party service providers may use cookies on the website and tools to help us perform certain functions, such as tracking user activities. At the moment, we only use a necessary cookie, which is for the website operation. However, our third-party service providers, such as our analytics partner, payment processor, and other dApps, may embed cookies, pixels, beacons, and similar technologies on their tools and services to enable them to provide their services.

Nevertheless, you may choose to accept or reject cookies on your browser. You can control cookies by using the privacy settings function of your device browser.

Information disclosure

We do not directly share personal information about you other than the circumstances described below.

  • Service providers: already highlighted under this Policy, we use third-party service providers and we may share information with them to perform their services (for example, Cloudflare may access the information it collects from you on our behalf).
  • Internal disclosures: We are a company that is comprised of people, including employees, contractors, staff, and the board. Information about you may be shared with or accessed by these individuals on a need-to-know basis (for example, any employee that handles support services may receive your contact information to attend to you). However, like other companies, our staff is bound by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and is obligated to keep proprietary information about the Ubionline services confidential.
  • Other users: If you submit a post, send an invite, create an event, or comment on a post, other users who have access to your content will be able to see any personal information attached to it. We advise that you take caution in the kind of information you share publicly.
  • Law enforcement: We strive to always comply with applicable laws. Therefore, we may work with law enforcement and government offices to investigate any alleged illegal activities to protect the Ubionline services and other users. We will also assist public and private offices in the event of an alleged infringement of their intellectual property.
  • Other companies in a business transfer event: If we engage in partnerships with other companies, including if we sell any of our assets, merge with or get acquired by another entity, consolidate with another entity, or get involved in a case of bankruptcy, we may disclose personal information to the partner company where required.

Newsletter marketing

We may, on occasion, send emails that advertise new features, developments, giveaways, sweepstakes, bonuses, and events about the Ubionline services to your email address. Such emails are sent to your email address because you have shown your willingness to receive them by submitting your email address in the newsletter subscription box. However, you can always opt out of newsletter emails at any time by using the “unsubscribe” button/instruction at the bottom of any email you receive from us.

International transfer of information

We provide the Ubionline services from the United States. However, some of the third-party service providers we use may be located in countries outside of the United States, where their privacy laws may be less strict compared to the United States and your location law. However, when we transfer personal information to third parties in locations with less strict laws, we ensure the third-party service provider complies with the same level of privacy as us.

If we transfer personal information about users under the GDPR and LGPD, we employ standard transfer mechanisms (for example, and where necessary, using the approved Standard Contractual Clauses).

Information security

We employ commercially reasonable steps in protecting your personal information from unauthorized access, alteration, and use. For one, we do not collect more than the information we need to provide the Ubionline service to you. We do not store your wallet on our servers, we simply need you to link it to the website to make payments or receive your earnings. And we also do not share personal information aside from the circumstances described in the section “Information disclosure” above.

However, the transmission of information over the internet has not been proven to be 100% safe. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will not access your information. You also have a part in ensuring the safety of your data. You should strive to keep your wallet address, seed phrase, and private key from a third party. And you should remember that anyone who asks for your seed phrase wants to access and take your wallet funds.

Information retention

We do not retain personal information for longer than we need it. You can delete any post you make on the website at any time by using the menu feature provided on the post. And it will be deleted from the website. Also, upon disconnecting your wallet from the website, it ceases to be connected.

Third-party links

The Ubionline services may contain adverts, content, and links that lead to third-party websites and services. Such adverts, content, and links are not governed by this Policy; therefore, we do not warrant that their privacy practices are adequate or enough. We advise that you review the privacy practices of any third-party service before providing personal information to them.

Our policy about children

The Ubionline services are targeted at individuals who are at least 18 years of age. We do not knowingly collect personal information from people, who under the law, are regarded as minors. By using the Ubionline services, you represent that you are at least 18 years of age. If we learn that you are under 18 years of age, we reserve the right to block you from using the Ubionline services.

User privacy rights

In addition to the other rights already established under this Policy, users generally have the following rights:

  • The right to access and update information: You can access and edit the information you have on your profile by clicking the relevant information to edit it.
  • The right to delete your information: You may request that we delete the information you submit when you contact us by mailing us at • [email protected]. You may remove your profile at any time by disconnecting your wallet. Unless you delete a post, it may persist on the website for business continuity purposes. Your transaction history may also persist for longer periods to perform our legal obligations.

    If you are using the Ubionline services from anywhere in the EU, EEA, UK, and similar locations under the GDPR, you have these additional rights:

  • Right to restrict processing: Where you want that we restrict the processing of your data for specific purposes, including if you do not want us to delete the data but still not use it, you may exercise this right. This right only applies where we process such information based on consent or contract performance.
  • Right to object to processing: You may object to the processing of specific information about you (for example, you may demand that we stop using your information for direct marketing).
  • Right to reporting: You may report us to any data protection authority in your jurisdiction if you think we are unlawfully processing your information.
  • You may reach out to us or exercise the above rights via our email address at [email protected].

If you are using the Ubionline services from Brazil, you have these additional rights under the LGPD:

  • the right to confirm the existence of processing.
  • the right to have your personal information anonymized upon request.
  • the right to request that we inform you of the third parties we have shared your information with.

Users can make any of these requests by reaching out to us at [email protected].

California Users

This section applies to you if you are using the Ubionline services from the State of California, US. It contains the categories of information we have collected, disclosed, and used about you in the past 12 calendar months, as well as the rights you have under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and similar laws.

Information collected

As already established under the “Information collected and its uses” section of this Policy, we have collected the categories of personal information, including:

  • Identifiers, such as your name, alias, phone number, email address, device IP address, and other device properties.
  • Photos and other visuals, such as the photos in your post and profile.
  • Location and geolocation, such as your geographic location based on your device IP address.
  • Commercial information, such as the service purchased and the date and time and your transaction history.
  • Internet activity, such as your activities.

This information has been collected directly from you or automatically through third-party tools and technologies.

Information uses

The section titled “Information collected and its uses” under this Policy describes why we collect and use personal information. To highlight, in the past 12 months, we have collected and used your information to provide you with the Ubionline services, including to communicate with you, enable you to create content, and organize events, as well as to protect the website, enforce our Terms of Service, and comply with applicable laws.

Information disclosure

In the past 12 calendar months, we have disclosed personal information about you, as described in the section “Information disclosure” above, to (i) third-party service providers, such as Cloudflare, Metamask, and similar web3 DApps; and (ii) other users (if you post content on public parts of the website or invite third parties to an event).

CCPA rights

Your rights under the CCPA include:

  • The right to demand that we provide you with the categories of personal information we have collected, disclosed, and used about you in the past 12 calendar months. We have collected the categories of personal information above in the past 12 calendar months.
  • The right to demand that we correct certain personal information we hold about you. This may include your profile information and the information you provide in the contact us form.
  • The right to demand that we delete the personal information we have collected about you – subject to certain exceptions.
  • The right to demand that we stop selling personal information about you to third parties for their marketing purposes. We are not in the business of selling personal information to third parties for their direct marketing purposes.
  • The right to exercise any of your CCPA rights without being discriminated against.
  • You may also contact us at [email protected] to exercise any of the rights above. Please note that we may attempt to verify that you are a Californian resident before we grant you these rights. Also, if you request that we delete your information, we may be unable to further provide the Ubionline services to you.

    Do Not Track signals

    Under the California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA), we are required to disclose if we respond to Do Not Track (DNT) signals or not. A DNT is a browser feature that, when activated, sends a signal to website owners to stop tracking your online activities. Unfortunately, the DNT feature is not consistent among industry participants at this moment. Therefore, we do not currently respond to DNT signals.

Nevada privacy right

In addition to the rights established under this privacy policy, Nevada residents have the right to opt out of the sale of personal information about them to a third party for monetary consideration and for that third party to transfer the personal information to additional third parties.

We do not engage in activities considered to be the sale of personal information. However, Nevada users can request to opt out of any present or future sale of their personal information. You can make this request by reaching out to us at [email protected] Please be aware that we may verify you to be sure you are a Nevada user before we comply.

Changes to this Policy

This Policy is subject to change. We encourage you to review it regularly to stay informed about our privacy practices.

We may update this policy from time to time to reflect changes in the law or in our data collection, use, and sharing practices. If we make any material changes to this Policy, we will notify you through our social media pages or by displaying a notice on the website.

The updated Policy will be effective immediately upon posting, unless otherwise noted. Your continued use of the Ubionline services after the changes are effective will constitute an acceptance of the changes made.